Hello and welcome to LVPVA. We’re sure you’re wondering what that stands for, Lea Vickery Personal Virtual Assistant.

Here at LVPVA Our goal is to assist authors on their way to great success.  We work very hard to ensure that you are pleased with our services and that we keep you updated on all of the work that we are doing. We work together to make up a plan to cover all of your promotional needs. We also offer affordable cover designs starting at $75 for wrap and ebook! Please contact Boo about that, she would absolutely love to make one that fits your needs for your beautiful masterpiece of words!

Covers by Boo will Appear on the Covers page, any cover that appears anywhere else are from a different designer. You can find more of Boo’s Covers here: http://booscovers.com/

The Devil Fool                                                            charmedcover

Waking The Bear                                                               heart-and-souls


burned-by-fire-ebook                                                  the-glooming