About Lea

My mom home schooled all of her children, I was no exception. Boy was I stubborn! When I was seven I didn’t want anything to do with the one subject that I would soon grow to love, soon grow up to make a business out of. Reading. It was the one subject that no matter what my mom tried I wouldn’t budge on. Now if you catch me going any longer than a day without reading something, you’ll know I am sick.

What changed when I was seven? My mom brought home a book, The Run Away Bunny, and from then on I wanted to read all of the adventure books I could. I moved on from that of course, growing to love magic and new worlds, the fairy-tales of happily ever after and a Prince charming. Harlequin was destined for me. And I am so happy to be able to work with a few authors who write for my favorite company.

Now I spend my time helping authors to grow their own careers. My goal with LVPVA is to help authors with all of their needs. If you don’t see a service on my services page that you need, you can email me and tell me. I take on just about any task. I hope you stick around to learn more about the authors that I have worked for, and I hope that maybe, we can work together as well.



booAbout Boo

Watching and learning, and art is something that Boo has always been great at. She decided that since her sister was going to help authors, she would to!

Boo loves to read, it’s one of her favorite pass times, she also loves art. Covers are the first thing that draws her to a book, with an eye for color, and her creative nature a cover designer she was destined to be.

Now she thrives on helping authors find that perfect cover for an affordable price, because truly beautiful art helps to sell beautiful words. You can now find her pre-made covers over on her Covers tab. Welcome to LVPVA, I hope you can find everything you’re looking for.