Big News!

Today my authors Debbie Herbert, Rachel McClellan, and Kerry Adrienne made the USA Today bestsellers list! I am so proud and happy to have been part of the Promotion team for Wicked Legends! That means I am now the Personal Assistant of USA Today bestsellers!

I worked along side 22 amazing author, and together through a lot of promotion, and the amazing Leadership of Rebecca Hamilton, they made the USA Today List. Next we hope to hit the New York Times list!

The Wicked Legends boxset is the first boxset that I have ever worked on promoting, and our team is one if the best. Seriously you should have seen it, everyone was so amazing and supportive.

If you haven’t had a chance to get WL yet you can, but it’s only on amazon now. You can get it for 2.99 or free through Kindle Unlimited!


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