#bookreview #BYNR Til Dawn Do Us Part by May Sage

I love this book by May Sage. And I gave it 5 stars on amazon!
Here is the review and at the bottom is a link to the book!
OMG, yes! I LOVED this. I want to cry, not because of the way it ended, the author have plenty of warning that the ending was a cliff hanger. But because of how amazing Xander is, I love him. I need to know more about every single component of this story.
I need to know what happens to Ruby, is she going to have a baby? Well she think about the idea of immortality? Do we even get to know in book two? I’m so in line with the idea of this story, I could see it actually happening. I wish I were Ruth. I want to be her right now.
Wow, just amazing. I need the next one! Now would be good!!!

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