D.K. Cassidy’s novel The Sleepless is a #ScienceFiction #Fantasy Novel! It is available only in Wrath and Ruin! And Releases 1-2-18!

Escape into 24 exclusive novels epic worlds that will leave you breathless.


D.K. Cassidy’s novel The Sleepless is a Science Fiction Fantasy Novel! It is available only in Wrath and Ruin! And Releases 1-2-18!

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The Sleepless By D.K. Cassidy

In 2111, no one in the Nation sleeps unless they earn it—the hard way. Kate does the dirty jobs no one else wants to do, stuck in a dead-end job-to-job lifestyle that weighs down on her soul, all so she can fade away into a half-remembered dream of a better tomorrow that might never come. But when her friend Decker reveals himself as one of the Sleepers—rebel citizens in hiding who can still sleep naturally—she finds herself faced with a choice. Stay in her seemingly hopeless yet safe world. Or help the Sleepers uncover the mystery behind the sleepless plague.


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Featuring Titles from:

Audrey Grey & Krystal Wade
USA Today bestselling author Isaac Hooke
USA Today bestselling author Nicole Zoltack
Terry Pratchett Anywhere But Here Finalist Shereen Vedam
USA Today bestselling author Lydia Sherrer
Award-Winning author Tara West
Kelly Hashway
USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson
D.K. Cassidy
USA Today bestselling author Ali Winters
Award-Winning Author JB Michaels
USA Today bestselling author Pamita Rao
G.L. Tomas
Craig A. Price Jr.
Milly Ly
Eliza Tilton
Jonathan Yanez
A.K. Koonce
Penny BroJacquie
Damian Boyle
Cate Farren
Caitlyn Mancini
Rex Jameson
Karen Tomlinson


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