New Testimonial By Amazon Bestselling Author Miranda Honfleur

Getting testimonials from new authors makes my heart so happy. When they indicate that you’re doing a good job while also following your dreams it makes the hard work I do worth it. Every time I see one of my author reach their goals I can’t help but celebrate with them.

Miranda is no different. Thank you for your honesty. I can’t put into words as beautifully as you do, how much I appreciate you.


“Working with Lea has meant getting time back to focus on my writing, but more than that, she’s taken a huge amount of stress and anxiety off my shoulders. She’s trustworthy, polite, organized, and amazing at what she does. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, do yourself a favor and do what I did: hire Lea! P.s. I definitely can’t do this without you and plan to stay on for as long as you’ll have me.”
—Miranda Honfleur Amazon Bestselling Author

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