New Testimonial by Author Maggie Lynch!

One of my most informational and touching testimonials. Maybe I say that for all of them. I just truly appreciate and value and love every author I work with.

Thank you Maggie, I’ve learned so much working with you!


“After three previous assistants, I can honestly say I have found my heart again. Though all my previous assistants had great qualities, Lea surpassed them in her knowledge and love of the book business within the first month we worked together. First, she is so quick I’m sure she has some kind of speedy superpower. I gave her a task that was complex and had many moving parts: entering data and following up on data through Bowker ISBNs site for Windtree Press authors. Whereas previous assistants found this both tedious and mind boggling, only getting a few entries completed each week Lea reviewed, confirmed, and corrected 5 years worth (about 400 ISBNs) within a few days and it was all done correctly. Color me gobsmacked!

We correspond each month as to what I need. There are several ongoing tasks she does for me every month as needed: Promo of my backlist; follow-up on any reviews that are needed (ARCs) or outstanding for both my ebooks and audiobooks; coordinate my Reader Teams; coordinate any events, contests, tasks I have for my readers;   set up featured authors for my monthly intro of new authors to my readers; create teasers for my promos; and continued follow-up on all ISBNs for Windtree Press. The most important thing Lea does for me is that each month we talk about what my focus is for that month and she helps me do that. She reminds me when I need things done that I’ve forgotten and, when I want to be left alone because I’m in my writing cave, she makes sure everything else keeps running by interacting in my social media groups in my stead and answering questions or letting them know that I still care but I’m extra busy. She does all of this with a smile and positive attitude.”
—Maggie Lynch Author and Publisher

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