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★☆★Shifting’s more than skin deep. And terror goes to the bone.★☆★
More Than Skin Deep by New York Times bestselling author Margo Bond Collins
A Shifter Shield Novel
Having eliminated the shifter community’s stalker and agreed to care for a pile of new baby lamias, child counselor and weresnake Lindi Parker believes she’ll be able to settle into her newly domestic life with her mongoose-shifter boyfriend, Kade Nevala.
But she didn’t count on being on duty at her new job as a Shifter Shield when a hyena-shifter shows up requesting asylum—along with his girlfriend. She’s a Hunter from a hereditary clan of monster trackers, and a semi-mythical figure of dread among shifters. Worse, they have an entire werewolf pack after them, howling for their blood.
Get weresnake Lindi Parker’s latest adventure in this bestselling series!
★☆★Get your copy now★☆★

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