#newtestimonial Testimonial from Author April Aasheim

“I had been considering getting a PA for a long time now. My writing schedule tightened and I didn’t have time to do a lot of the business and marketing tasks to stay on top of things. Then, I found Lea. I checked out her site and was impressed with the authors she represented. It helped that I knew and had worked with a few of them.
I contacted Lea and she was super sweet and hyper-organized. Plus, she was patient with me. I’m used to being a one-woman-show and its still hard to relinquish tasks I have been doing myself, but I’m learning to let go.

I have no regrets since taking the plunge three months ago. Lea has helped with marketing, with reminding me of upcoming tasks, sending out prizes for parties, and helping with my email. She’s already fairly well trained so there’s minimal training with her, except on your procedures or software she hasn’t worked with.” –April Aasheim USA Today Bestselling Author.

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