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Destined to Slay.

In the small homestead of Dronias, young Julianna is a dragon slayer. Like her ancestors before her, she is destined to be one of the Greats – a perfect hunter of the beasts who terrorize her people day and night. On her eighteenth birthday, with Goblin sword in hand, Julianna embarks on her first true hunt, as her family has done for centuries.

But when she finally tracks a dragon, she finds herself unable to deliver the fatal blow . . . and powerless to take her eyes off the young man who now crouches before her, scales gone as beast transforms to boy. Like Julianna, Ash, the dragon-shifter, is equally surprised by Julianna’s hesitancy to kill him.

As war looms over both their nations, Ash and Jules are forced into an unlikely alliance in an attempt to prevent any more bloodshed between their lands. But in a world where danger lurks around every corner, and not everyone is hoping for peace, survival becomes the ultimate battle.


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