Review for Kerry Adrienne’s Waking The Bear

In hopes to get more readers to leave reviews for authors, I decided to post one of my reviews here. I may continue to do this, if I notice it helping my authors get reviews or extra sales. I hope you all give the book Waking The Bear  by Kerry Adrienne a chance!



Okay so Waking The Bear.

Griff is awesome, he is compassionate and loving and protective and strong all at the same time. Perfect blend of a man not afraid to show emotion and a man who knows how to kick butt.

Amy, she sure is a handful! She doesn’t like to listen to Griff because of the whole ex controlling her thing. I totally understand that as you want to become your own person again. I like someone who is stubborn and hard headed like myself, but she is kind of winy when it comes to her NOT wanting a relationship and not staying for longer than 2 months and then she decides that a one night thing with Griff will be okay. Not the way I thought it would go but it worked out great!

The writing of Ms. Adrienne is fabulous. I only noticed a few inconsistencies in the story, no miss-spelled words or typos.

The world building is great, I love the Villain as well as the main characters back stories. I would love to get to know the whole bear club more. They all seem like brothers which is awesome. The scenes are well detailed and I can picture everything and all of the characters in my head. Almost like I was Amy!

Magic, Love and Protective instincts are all things you’ll find in this series. I cannot wait to read the next book!

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