If you have a task you would like me to work on and it isn’t listed here you can contact me through the email on my contact page.

Proof Reading/Editing =
Spelling, Punctuation, and Pronoun use.

Contact email on contact page for information.


Other Services* =
Promotion (Promoting in FB groups and on twitter)

Book Launch Parties on FB (Getting other authors involved and helping to run the party)

Cover Reveal Parties (Getting other authors involved and helping to run the party)

Organizing contests and giveaways (contacting winners)

Twitter Account Management (Following new readers, responding to tweets and making them, ect ect,)

FB Street Teams (Helping you post in them.)

FB Message Handling (Answering readers questions and deleting spam)

Handling Emails (Answering readers questions and deleting spam)

Author Page Management (Also posting and keeping people wathching)

Newsletter Management. (Now familiar with Mailchimp Mailerlite and MadMIMI)

FB Teaser Images made from FREE stock that is available for personal or commercial use.
$10 per image unless buying stock is required. *note: you do not have to buy hours for this service to be provided. If you do buy a minimum of 10 hours you do not pay for any graphics made, unless your 10 hours are used before you want the images made.*

Package deal 3 for $25 unless purchasing stock is required/requested by the Author.

Setting up and filling Thunderclaps. *Thunderclaps, to set up and help you promote/fill them is $40 Per campaign.*


Ad Booking to places such as — Robin Reads, Bargain Booksy, Ereader News Today ect. **Does not include BookBub, Facebook or AMS AD’s** This takes a while, so I would suggest 15 hours, or 10 hours if that’s all I will be doing.
**Please contact before booking to talk about what happens with this.**


AMS Keyword Gathering. In your preferred genre, book title keywords along with author names.


***Newly Added 10-21-18 ***

Cross promo, Newsletter swap gathering, beta reading included in hours.



20 hours or less $12 an hour, with a 10 hour minimum purchase.
21 hours and up $15 an hour.

*Other Tasks available upon request.

There will be no refunds, re-scheduling services adds a $50 fee. Hours do not rotate to the next month, if you buy hours that you do not need you forfeit them.


Cover Designs by Boo:

Pre-mades: $75 comes with both Ebook and wrap image files.
Custom Covers are available upon request. They are priced at $125* not including the cost of stock photo purchases.*

Find more of Boo’s Covers at her own website here: