Welcoming a new Partner to the Team

I am welcoming a new Partner to our team at LVPVA. Not an author this time, but a designer! Today I welcome Cover Designer Boo Vickery to the team! She is now going to help LVPVA make covers for our authors and for any author who needs one!

boo Boo Vickery is a up and coming Cover Designer with beautiful work and a passion for art. She makes covers at an affordable price and loves every moment of it! At LVPVA we strive to make sure that you can afford the help you need, and Boo continues this with her art. With people already interested and buying her covers we hope to help a lot of people with her designs.

You can see some of her work over on her FaceBook page and keep checking back for her Pre-mades which we will be loading onto our site in the days to come!

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